Jerry Creedon

Classical Guitarist


Lotus Eaters by Andrew York

An uplifting reggae style piece by California based Andrew York.

J.S. Bach Organ Fugue BWV 578

"Little" Fugue BWV 578, is one of J.S. Bach's best known organ fugues. The fugue's four-and-a-half measure subject is one of Bach's most recognizable tunes and is in four voices.

David Pritchard Stairs

Stairs by L.A. musician David Pritchard is a minimalist style piece of subtle and rhythmic complexity.

Almer Imamovic Sarajevo Nights

Sarejevo Nights by Almer Imamovic expresses the spirit of this resilient city and its people as they try to recapture their soul and make up for lost time after spending many years under siege.

Bizet Aragonaise and Entr'acte from Carmen

William Kanengiser's arrangement of a suite from Parisian George Bizet's opera Carmen, proves yet again that no one can capture the essence of Spanish culture quite like a complete foreigner.